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when you empower your life

you are a catalyst for positive change

your success benefits you and everyone around you

Maybe these are some of the things you are dealing with right now…

You’re caught up in a cycle of stress and can’t seem to find a way out

You know you want to overcome some of your challenges but can’t seem to get started

You’d like to stop giving so much power to negative thoughts and limiting beliefs

You’d like to be free of memories that bother you without having to relive them

You know you are capable of more but you keep getting in your own way


You are not alone – many people feel like you

Here are just some of the things I can help you achieve…


You are able to make real change more easily

You feel lighter and more comfortable having dissolved past hurts and trauma gently

You are enjoying life more and feel optimistic about the future

You have learnt some practical tools that will help you when things aren’t going so well

You feel like you have more to offer the world and the people around you


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I offer a free 15 minute consultation by phone or skype if you would like to discuss working with me.

Some of the ways I work

Since we are all individual, I integrate a number of different techniques depending on what the person needs or wants. Sometimes I weave them all together. I don’t use anything with anyone else unless I have used them successfully with myself.

You can learn to use most of them for yourself at home.


TAT is a gentle yet effective meridian based energy therapy.  It helps to create a calm and clear state of mind and involves light placement of your fingers on specific acupressure points while focusing on different aspects of a problem. It can help with many problems such as anxiety, negative thoughts, traumatic memories and the stress related aspects of illness.


Hypnotherapy allows people to tap into their own resources and make positive changes to get the very best from themselves. It can help with things like lack of self confidence, low self esteem, anxiety and unhelpful thought patterns and habits.


HMR is a simple way to create change with memories that bother us. People who have not been able to address painful memories or make progress through other forms of therapy, often find this technique to be quite easy and effective.


This technique involves tapping on acupressure points along meridians.  Some examples of what it can help with include stress, insomnia, anxiety, fears and phobias, negative thoughts and beliefs.


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I offer a free 15 minute consultation by phone or skype if you would like to discuss working with me.

About Me


Valerie Whiteley

Holistic Therapist

Registered Nurse
TAT Professional and Trainer
Clinical Hypnotherapist
HMR Practitioner
EFT Practitioner

My 14 years experience with energy therapies which help people with the aspects of their minds and feelings, has been profound for me. I never tire of seeing the lights come on in someone’s face and eyes as they realise they have let go of something that was troubling them.

In my own life I’ve probably had a lot of similar experiences to you and that’s where my interest started. I’ve been a mum and a wife with the joys and heartaches that visit most of us.

My life as a nurse brought me some pretty cool, but sometimes challenging times. I’ve delivered babies, held the hand of the dying, patched up lots of wounds and helped patch up a lot of hurting hearts and spirits. I’ve worked in remote places and managed scary emergencies on my own. I’ve worked with fishermen and had fly in/fly out jobs in mining and on a remote oil platform.

I’m not afraid to admit that it wasn’t always easy for me. Out of necessity I had to find things that helped me manage my fears and stress.

It’s all led me to the belief that our mind, feelings and body are all connected and affect each other and that we do have the ability to do a lot towards healing ourselves.

I think that even in an ordinary life, we have a choice to live it in an extra-ordinary fashion.


Thank you for the truly amazing session yesterday. I feel that it shifted so much “stuff” way beyond what I had even thought of or mentioned to you. I guess my laughter after you asked me the questions about my problem reflected my complete non-attachment to it. They were just words with no meaning connected to them whatsoever. Today I’ve noticed that I seem to be breathing much more deeply.

SMV, Brisbane

I just wanted to let you know that I have realised something big. I was in a situation yesterday that would have been an issue for me in the past and couldn’t work out what felt so different, when I suddenly recognised that the fear was gone. I felt like I was completely neutral. Thank you for your help with this.

DJ, West Australia

I have been a client of Valerie’s over several years. She has a natural ability with the techniques that she practices, and has used her skills, intuition and calming influence to help me deal with several stressful episodes in my life, including a particularly difficult time with an unsettled baby. Valerie also helped me deal with fears associated with my second pregnancy after a difficult birth experience with my first child. I was able to gently process negative memories and develop a positive outlook, to the point where I am now actually looking forward to the birth of my baby. I am very grateful for Valerie’s help and I would recommend her to anyone looking to lead a more positive life.

MM, Perth

I cannot recommend Valerie highly enough. The work I have done with her has been life-changing. She has enabled me to take action where I was blocked and the work has calmed me when I was obsessing and angry and frustrated. What a relief! She is very creative and accepting and I felt I could talk easily to her right from the first moment. There is nothing to lose, I recommend everyone should experience what Valerie has to offer.

VS, Sydney, NSW

Valerie provided me a very safe place for me to examine some emotional issues I was having. Gently guiding me along the path I was able to come to my own realisations. Valerie is exceptional in what she does. I highly recommend her services.

DT, Perth WA

Valerie’s passion for her workshop shines through with warmth and calmness in her presentation. The self-help tools are explained and demonstrated in very real and practical ways most helpful to day to day life and its challenges. Thank you.

BA, West Australia (Women Thriving workshop participant)


Discover TAT® – Tapas Acupressure Technique Workshops

Join a workshop with Australia’s only accredited TAT Trainer and one of Australia’s founding TAT practitioners. Valerie has had the pleasure of studying with Tapas Fleming in California on many occasions and in this workshop, provides TAT Basics training.

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TAT Mentoring

TATLife® Certification Program exists for anyone wishing to become a TAT Professional according to the standards set by Tapas Fleming (originator of TAT). Mentoring with a TAT Trainer is part of the process required for you to become certified and Valerie is able to provide this for you.

For more information about becoming a TAT Professional please contact Valerie or click here to see the requirements on the TATLife Homepage.



WOMEN THRIVING – not just surviving

A nurturing weekend in the company of other women where you will have an introduction to a number of techniques to help you be more empowered with your own wellbeing.

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