TAT is a gentle, effective energy therapy which will help you create personal change and achieve goals with more ease and grace. It can help transform negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs, anxiety, sadness, fear and even traumatic memories. (discussion or having to relive them not necessary)

This 2 day TAT Basics workshop teaches the fundamentals you need to know to use TAT for yourself, with some information about how to use it with family and friends. It’s also the first requirement for professional use – see below. 


  • Plenty of opportunity to practice in a relaxed and friendly environment
  • Working with negative thoughts or limiting beliefs
  • Help with stress and anxiety
  • Helping with the effect of a traumatic memory or difficult event without re- living it
  • How to work with reducing fear
  • Different ways to use TAT to help with things like relationships, health and working with children
  • Using TAT to help with achieving your goals and your own personal development
  • How to work with allergies

You will have hands on experience in doing TAT for yourself and your own issues and get to experience the peace that TAT can bring. You will leave with a tool that you can continue to use with challenges in your life. If you are already working as a helping professional this workshop will give you a personal experience of working with the technique.

For those wishing to become a TAT Professional with TATLife® the workshop will go towards your certification. You can learn more about the TATLife® certification program here.

To find out more about TAT click here.


Bookings and Enquiries

No workshops are currently scheduled, but if you would like to discuss the workshop in more detail or register your interest for future workshops contact Valerie.